Get a Bluebird Account Set Up Kit for $5 at virtually any Walmart, start using your Temporary Card immediately, then register at to unlock all the benefits of your Bluebird Account.


You can manage your finances on the go by setting up text alerts and email notifications to monitor your Account activity and balance.

Add Funds — Tax

Don’t wait for your tax refund check to come by mail. Instead, get your tax refund faster* when you Direct Deposit your federal tax refund into your Bluebird Account.

Bluebird App 101

Easily manage your Account on the go. Quickly check your balance, send and request money from other Bluebird Account holders, add funds, and more.

Add Funds — Direct Deposit

Enroll in Direct Deposit, and get access to your money up to 2 days faster*.

Add Funds — Walmart

Add funds with cash or debit for free at virtually any Walmart checkout register.

Family Accounts

Managing family expenses can be a breeze with Bluebird. Give up to 4 cards to anyone* you choose, then easily set limits on spending, ATM access, and more.

Set Aside

Put money away for future spending needs — like a family vacation, holiday shopping, or even a rainy day.

Insights — Financial Management

Insights is a set of tools to help you better track spending, create budgets, set spending alerts, and track financial goals.

Linking a Debit Card

Link your debit card to your Account to easily transfer funds to Bluebird.

Send and Receive Money Quickly

It’s free and simple to transfer money to and from friends, family or anyone else with a Bluebird Account.*